"I Look Like I Post" II, Ostin Escarlet

Hi hi hi my adorable fans! Do you remember me? YEAH!!! Ostin Escarlet the worlwide famous artist of fashion and stuff! I was afuera for a few meses because I travel harto. But now I'm back fast and enfurecido to analyze some chilean guy and his style.

Our second invitado this time is Nigro Piñera What a sweet guy! What a bitter style!... Wow c'mon I'm talking terrible de en serio!
Nigro Piñera looks like a terrible de pelota mundialera. And everyone saben he is so horny y cosas shoras, Right now he is casado with a pot model from Silicon Valley. Ok, veamos his pilchas.

FIG. 1: He is a motociclista, but looks like a mecanico... In this fotografía sale con his blonde non-blonde girlfriend. What happens with esos pantalones man! OH HOLY CARAMBA! Do you stole them from MC HAMMER closet o que custión? THAT IS A MC HAMMER'S PIJAMA! And from here smells like a güaren! And your novia smells a neumático recauchado with amoniaco! HAHAHAHA NO, I'M JUST KIDDING... not really.

FIG. 2: Well, here is his horny pose. Look that face! Is Benny Hill on steroids! Oh man. And sus hands regordetas around Belen Hidalgo pompas is a dirty image... This night I cannot dormir man! That camisa... oh that camisa... what can I say... SUCKS! And in the bad way... hehehe I'm so dirty too! And the gorro desteñido sucks too. And the cara de asco de tu girlfriend sucks too... EVERYTHING SUCKS! YOU MAKE ME SICK! I'M SO PISSED OF!!!... sorry... I'm drunk.

FIG. 3: Ok... now the bad guy wears white clothes... and sucks too. Those brazos sweet heart... son tan shorts que con suerte you can put your fingers en la nariz and clean your pompas. Don't use esas mangas! The hat is cool... cool for my abuela!!! HAHAHAHA go to hell.

FIG. 4: Oh... Here we got a problema. Why are you usando el vestido of tu mamá? Are you a travesti? That terrible de escote!!! You're mostrando all!!! But, here is some nice... you got mucho pechos (150-120-110... weird medidas). Maybe your girlfriend te convido some silicona from her labios, from her titties, from her pompas, from her uñas, from her whatever. The kiss is sencillamente asqueroso. I prefer ver dos abuelas lesbians doing it. really. The hat is cool again... for my butt. Wow, I like that!

Well dear fans. Después de see this crimen of fashion, I get the hell out of here. I'll back soon with more chismes y cuestiones choras to comment. I love you all and spread the love. And remember: HemorroideaS It's a miracle, It's a miracle, And dreams are made of emotion. YEAH HONEY!
Auf Wiedersehen! LOL.

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Fuente: Diario La Noción